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Since 1987, we have been developing custom made systems for the telephony industry. We have divided our telephony software business into two categories: Telecommunications and Entertainment.

We have sold and installed our systems all over the World. Installed in more than 15 countries and sold to even more. In USA we have installed systems in around 17 states.

We at Bie Systems and GTM Systems offer custom made IVR systems, call center, Voice Over IP (VoIP), Credit Card and Check processing voice solutions, appointments, reminders, collections and more. All our solutions and phone systems support both digital (T-1, E-1, PRI, VoIP) and analog phone lines.

We have VoIP systems for all applications like Calling Card, PIN access, Pinless access, satelite solutions. Everything in telecommunications.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems accept incoming phone calls and play recorded greetings to callers. Our IVRs can provide callers with information extracted from local and remote databases and from the internet. Calls can be routed to either phone agents working locally or from a remote location including a home. Calls can likewise be transfered to outside phone extensions. We have developed all these functions over the years, to enhance our line of products with ACD (automatic call distribution), voice broadcasting, and digital call recording, perfect Answering Supervision and more.
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Our servers interact with any VoIP Server to allow our customers to use a complete Hosted PBX or Call Center Solution.

Our BieCenter System and the trixbox application platform makes it fast and simple to install and configure your business-class telephony system. With unlimited extensions, voicemail-to-email, music on hold, call parking, analog lines or high density T1/E1 circuits and many other features. We bring big business PBX features to small and medium-sized businesses.
» We install systems anywhere in the World
» Systems can speak any language   (speech files can be wav or mpeg files)
» All systems can process Credit Card and Check purchases.
» All systems are 100% guaranteed

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Products - Custom made software
» BieCall  - Predictive Dialer.
» BieCC  - Credit Card Processing.
» BieAd  - Free Information Services.
» BieAutoAd  - Electronic cuopons.
» BiePBX  - Office PBX.
» BieCenter & BieCenterNT Servers  -      Communications Modules:
     Call Centers, Smart Channel Bank, IVR,      Voice over IP gateways.
» BieAdmin  - Database Server.
» BieServer  - Server with IP Clients.
» BieEmail  - Email software.
» BieMEmail  - Bulk Email sender.
» MailBouncer  - Email filter software.
» Email Extractor  - Address extractor.
» BieBrowser  - Web site reader.
» BieServer  - P2P Database Server.
» BieFTP  - FTP software.
» BieChat  - Instant messenger.
» BieCam  - Web cam Server.
» WatchDog  - Monitors other computers.
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